This Weekend – Gettin busy!



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Friday May 25 in Pacific Beach!

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Jan 3 2012 @ Winstons.

This should be a fun show!! Come check it out. Hit us up if you want a FREE ticket

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Skank out 2.0 show 10.22.2011 Che Cafe

EarthAD Productions Presents…

SKANK OUT WITH YOUR STEAK OUT 2.0: A Che Cafe Benefit Show

The Skank Agents
Straight Trippin
Unknown Motive
Kirby’s Dream Band
Mayors of Sexytown
Save the Swim Team

Price: $8

Some info on what is going on with the Che:
A few years back the Che Cafe had to change insurance providers because of the previous one dropping them. They currently owe the school/the insurance company $12,000 to be able to stay open and function as a venue. Myself, along with a group of people as well as the Che Collective, are setting up a series of benefit shows in order to raise this money.

The Che Cafe has been a staple venue for all genres of music for YEARS and it would be a shame such a legendary venue to close down.

Please do your part, come to the show, donate some extra cash, invite friends and help keep the best DIY venue in Southern California open.

Thank you all for your support.

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new header

as you can see the header changed. this looks a little better for the time being

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News for Fall 2011

First – thanks those who came out to support us at the SDSU .  Fun set with Brennan and Evan and a first show for Pat.

Gave out a ton of copies of the 6.5 Live UCSD session.  For those of you who didn’t get one its downloadable on the music page of this site.

Still working on a new album for you all. now the lineup is looking more solid – stuff should start to happen.

lastly – we are on the bill for the Skank out With your Steak out 2.0  show.  We are going to try to play a mix of new tunes and your favorites.  Let us know what you want to hear!!!.

Peace ! – C

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For those of our friends who are like “why ZIP files, what do i do with these?”

I like to put whole works (often groups of files like an album) into a single file that you can download all in one shot.It seems cleaner – and easier- and I like it that way. Personaly I prefer a whole album put together by the artist to just the single track.So the easiest way for me to do this is in a .zip. All computers – even yours – can open these. Even your windows machine. If you need a program to help you open a zip file check out Free Zip software.

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Summer 2011

Still at it. Currently prepping for the july 3 and possibly 4 shows. Had another bassist bail. Big thanks to Brendan for learning some songs last minute/ saving the show! — Also recently uploaded the 6.5.2010 live session from UCSD for download. be sure to check it out on the music page.

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People often ask me if the band is making any progress. The answer is yeah, slow progress. The last couple years have been very difficult, with loss, lineup changes, and all of that stuff. We have Been working on new music, I’ve been writing and we’re recording, my studio is sounding great, no longer is equipment a problem, and a main goal for now is more content all around – a website , videos, recordings, a new CD .

So our progress, you’re looking at part of it . please check out the music page, and you can download some tunes. or check out the video page, or external links to more content.

Please keep checking back, and feel free to comment or email me with any ideas you have.

Peace – C

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Straaight Trippin website

Whats up to anyone who is looking here. You wont find much on this just yet. But i have been working on getting the Music page together. Check it out – C

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